Hi, I’m Alison and I write New Life as New Wife.

I started "New Life as New Wife" in 2008 as a spin off to my wedding blog A Day in the life of a Rockstar Bride.

Like life, my blog has changed. My blog has now transitioned into the day-to-day challenges including how to save money, adjusting to life as a new home owner, and just recently, how to adjust to life after re-quitting my corporate job.

Prior to becoming a "grown-up", I spent the last 6 to 9 years as an IT professional, dance instructor and an awesome Rockstar wife.

Now, I walk dogs, teach yoga, teach dance and rockout as a the wife of a rockstar.

To contact me, please email me at: newlifeasnewwife@gmail.com

Good bye new wife ..

Sunday, June 5, 2011

... and hello Mrs Kelly Green!

Going forward, you can find me at my new blog.

7 day birthday celebration

Friday, June 3, 2011

Next Wednesday, I am turning 32. I can't believe, that as of next Wednesday, I will have been legal to drive a car for half my life. That's just crazy!

Some cool things are in the works, and I know that my 32nd year will be MY year!

So, to kick it off right, I am celebrating my birthday for 7 days. Here's the the general plan, with an open mind to adding things in. Keep in mind, I've taken MON - WED off work.

TONIGHT: Thai and a movie with Robin (she doesn't know yet)

TOMORROW: Gracies with my awesome friends to see hubby and DRIVER take over the town. Let's hope Vancouver wins so the vibe will be extra juicy. If you're not up to anything this night, "come on down!"

SUNDAY: Indian patio dinner at the The Cabagetown Culinary Supper Club. Hottest unknown place in Toronto!

MONDAY: Brunch and spa date with Robin

TUESDAY: Spa day #2 to get me some much needed sexy hair

WEDNESDAY: My actual birthday. The plan is to go rock climbing with some friends followed by beers on a patio.

THURSDAY: The finale. The BIG deal. I will be hanging out with Joey, Jordan, John, Donnie and Danny and some other folks called the Backstreet Boys with thousands of my closest friends. HOLY AWESOME! Best gift ever Robin!

And during my 7 days of celebration, I will be wearing a Princess Lasertron World-Winning Prize Ribbon because I am the darn special!

Happy Birthday Me!

Yoga reminder

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Climbing up those stairs, inhaling that smell of yoga brought me back to 1 year ago. For 10 months I spent 200+ hours practicing and learning how to teach yoga at The Yoga Sanctuary. I ate and slept yoga, and then it was done. I got certified. Since then, I've taught weekly (2-3 classes) and practiced MAYBE 5 times. Bad, bad, yogi.

(picture of me as a "pregnant" woman at prenatal teacher training)

Being at my teacher training this week, reignited that spark. Learning from great teachers, and talking about my Dancinis reminded me that this aspect of my life needs me to pay attention to it. To nourish it.

(My dancini. Photo by Greg Tjepkema)

Reviewing the mudras, learning new sequences and seeing old friends has made this rainy weekend an amazing one.

My fire has been lit, and I have big BIG plans.

(More dancinis. Photo by Greg Tjepkema)

Miss Stella

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Every since I came across the true loveliness of cherry trees at the home of one of my clients, I knew I wanted one.

At the first sign of spring, I asked a local Sheridan Nursery to add me to their cherry tree arrival notification list.

A couple of weeks later and I got the call.

Meet "Stella", my lone self pollinating stella cherry tree. I planted her next to the apple trees, near the fence (yes, at risk of annoying my neighbours) just in front of our soil heap. I hope she likes it here.

Child's Play: My top 5 active child games

Saturday, May 14, 2011

While at the dance studio the other week, I was talking to one of the moms about games we used to play as kids that I never see anymore. Here are my top 5:

5. Marbles

This is how we played it. 

Basically you create the play zone which is a dug out hole. Think golfing hole. Then you take turns flicking your marbles into the hole. Each person takes turns shooting their marbles into the hole until the last person knocks the last marble into the hole claiming all the marbles from that round. Winner at the end of the game is the person with the most marbles after all the rounds. Everyone keeps the marbles they won unless it was established at the beginning of the game otherwise.

4. Red Ass

This is how we played it. 

This is the game when you and your friends would throw a ball against a wall. If you fumble the ball when trying to catch it after one bounce or you catch it without the ball touching the ground first,  you must race to the wall and touch it before someone throws the ball. Each time you are slower than the ball being thrown, you get a letter and you stand up against the wall while each player has the chance to throw the ball at your ass.   Once you get hit, game on!

If you are the thrower, and you either miss the wall altogther or the ball hits the ground before the wall, you too better run fast too as you may risk getting a letter and a red ass.

Once your letters spell out R-E-D-A-S-S you are out. Winner is the last person standing.

Nice hey? I think this game is how I became so good at catching and throwing baseballs. 

3. Ball in Nylon

This is how we played

I cannot recall the name of this game. All I know is you put a tennis or rubber ball into a cut pair of nylons, and you tie the end of. You stand with you back against the ball and you swing the nylon-ball side to side, under your legs, and every-other which way. I know there were songs, but this is all I can remember about it. Any one able to help me remember more?

2. Jump Rope

This is how we played

Skipping was awesome! We would take turns turning rope, and play whatever jump games we wanted to. I can't remember the songs if my life depended on it. Also loved partaking in the jump rope for heart team in grade school. Skipping with my pogo ball was awesome. Who can remember jump rope songs and games?

1. Jumpsies

This is how we played

This game was THE game for me. I must have made a new jumpsie rope every other week. It would vary between super thick and super thin. It knotted like no ones business, which I think why I have so much patience when things get knotted.

You could play by yourself (I used chairs as props) but it was always better with other kids. It would involved an elastic rope (usually homemade) , songs, and jumping games. There was "1,2,3" and "in, out, side, side, on, in, out". Get it? Ya, I'm sure they have legit names but this is all I can remember. Sometimes you were not allowed to touch the rope (like in 1, 2, 3 on the ankle or knee level) and others you were required to.

This game  needs to come back so I can play it with the kids!

So there you have it, my favourite games as kids when there was no ipod, hand games or any other technical crap around.

What were you're favourite active games as kids?

Years later and I joined phase 2 of the apple initiation

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today I finally bought myself an ipod touch.

When I told Robin about my newest purchase, she asked why. Well, it's simple:

1 - I'm not interested in an iphone (unless it was free). I have a phone already with no plans to upgrade in the near future. Esp since I told rockstar I would kill him if he ever got one ($$ wise)
2 - All but $17 (before HST) was paid for by gift cards from the awesome parents at Dance Fusion
3 - I wanted to be able to take pictures and videos of my doggies whenever they did something hilarious
4 - I'm obsessed with online scrabble and felt Robin's ipad was getting tired of me playing on it during every down time while we were together. The kids started to talk

So ya, sure I would have love to get an ipad or even a macbook, but not yet my friends. Soon maybe ... likely not.

So apple friends, what apps must I get?



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I started running last week. Yes, me who is terrified of running, and is the slowest person on earth has decided to get her fat arse off the couch.

I have heard a couple of techniques on learning how to run:

1 - run for as long as you can period
2 - run/walk/run/walk

I decided to try and run for as long as I can. The first time was 5 mins, second 6 minutes, and last night 10 minutes. Sure it's not a lot, but I'm kind of shocked that I ran 1km on my 3rd day. That's CRAZY!!

Let me be straight here and admit that while I'm running, Seamus is walking fast beside me. Quite a change of pace from his runs with Scott, but I know he's rooting for me.  I'm also not interested in pushing myself too much to start as every job I have requires the use of my legs, thus I need to be injury free.

So for those runners out there, what tips do you have? And before you comment with a whack load of apps to use, I am smart phone free!

What warm up/cool down stretches do you use that have helped prevent injury to date?