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Like life, my blog has changed. My blog has now transitioned into the day-to-day challenges including how to save money, adjusting to life as a new home owner, and just recently, how to adjust to life after re-quitting my corporate job.

Prior to becoming a "grown-up", I spent the last 6 to 9 years as an IT professional, dance instructor and an awesome Rockstar wife.

Now, I walk dogs, teach yoga, teach dance and rockout as a the wife of a rockstar.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I started running last week. Yes, me who is terrified of running, and is the slowest person on earth has decided to get her fat arse off the couch.

I have heard a couple of techniques on learning how to run:

1 - run for as long as you can period
2 - run/walk/run/walk

I decided to try and run for as long as I can. The first time was 5 mins, second 6 minutes, and last night 10 minutes. Sure it's not a lot, but I'm kind of shocked that I ran 1km on my 3rd day. That's CRAZY!!

Let me be straight here and admit that while I'm running, Seamus is walking fast beside me. Quite a change of pace from his runs with Scott, but I know he's rooting for me.  I'm also not interested in pushing myself too much to start as every job I have requires the use of my legs, thus I need to be injury free.

So for those runners out there, what tips do you have? And before you comment with a whack load of apps to use, I am smart phone free!

What warm up/cool down stretches do you use that have helped prevent injury to date?


ashlie said...

I always make sure I have the perfect playlist for running - lots of music that I can't just walk to - it makes me need to run! My favourite stretch is putting just my toes on a curb or step and raising and lowering myself. It gives your calves and shins a great stretch, and I find I really, really notice if I forget to do it. Keep it up - you'll be surprised how quickly you can get up to a 5km!

Anonymous said...

talk to me sister i started like you too....lots of advice....kelly

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