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Like life, my blog has changed. My blog has now transitioned into the day-to-day challenges including how to save money, adjusting to life as a new home owner, and just recently, how to adjust to life after re-quitting my corporate job.

Prior to becoming a "grown-up", I spent the last 6 to 9 years as an IT professional, dance instructor and an awesome Rockstar wife.

Now, I walk dogs, teach yoga, teach dance and rockout as a the wife of a rockstar.

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7 day birthday celebration

Friday, June 3, 2011

Next Wednesday, I am turning 32. I can't believe, that as of next Wednesday, I will have been legal to drive a car for half my life. That's just crazy!

Some cool things are in the works, and I know that my 32nd year will be MY year!

So, to kick it off right, I am celebrating my birthday for 7 days. Here's the the general plan, with an open mind to adding things in. Keep in mind, I've taken MON - WED off work.

TONIGHT: Thai and a movie with Robin (she doesn't know yet)

TOMORROW: Gracies with my awesome friends to see hubby and DRIVER take over the town. Let's hope Vancouver wins so the vibe will be extra juicy. If you're not up to anything this night, "come on down!"

SUNDAY: Indian patio dinner at the The Cabagetown Culinary Supper Club. Hottest unknown place in Toronto!

MONDAY: Brunch and spa date with Robin

TUESDAY: Spa day #2 to get me some much needed sexy hair

WEDNESDAY: My actual birthday. The plan is to go rock climbing with some friends followed by beers on a patio.

THURSDAY: The finale. The BIG deal. I will be hanging out with Joey, Jordan, John, Donnie and Danny and some other folks called the Backstreet Boys with thousands of my closest friends. HOLY AWESOME! Best gift ever Robin!

And during my 7 days of celebration, I will be wearing a Princess Lasertron World-Winning Prize Ribbon because I am the darn special!

Happy Birthday Me!


Sarah S said...

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your Celebration!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay - happy week, and hope it leads into an amazing year! - Kelly

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